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Met mijn handen werken doe ik graag. Ook ben ik voedingstherapeut en heb ik geleerd om te masseren.

Here I share my story and tell you more about who I am and why I do what I do!


Did you know that I ...
  • Love to dance?

  • Am also an nutritional therapist?

  • Prefer to cook without a recipe?

  • Love to walk in the woods?

  • Love to be around children?

  • Have a big interest for the moon cycles?

  • Sing along with songs very loudly in the car?

  • Love chocolate?

  • Intensely enjoy a good conversation?

  • Love animals?

  • Lived in New York as a little girl?

  • Also work with people who have Alzheimers?

  • Often treat myself to breathing workshops and cacaco ceremonies?



I feel a big passion to take care of others and work with my hands.

I was at the fair with my mom when I was fifteen, and we decided to visit a psychic who offered readings. She told special things about my grandmother (who died that year), things she simply could not know. In addition to these beautiful messages, she also told me about the healing power that I carry in my hands. She indicated that I should do something with it. No sooner said than done. For eight years I worked with my hands as a cook and nutritionist. When I was cooking I prefered not to work with a recipe, I loved working intuitively- and still do.



After eight years of working as a cook and nutritional therapist, it was time for a new direction and I learned several massage skills and to pass on Reiki energy. The power of touch is a valuable addition to nutrition and exercise.



Study & Experience

  • Epigenetic Therapist (study at Evenwijs)

  • Nutrition and Lifestyle practice

  • Cooking classes and nutrition seminars organized for children and (young) adults

  • Wellness Total Massage at the Massage Academy

  • Holistic Energetic Massage training at MOOD

  • Massage Course: pregnancy massage, various trainers

  • Reiki 1, 2 and 3 (Reiki Master)

  • Activity supervisor at Villa de Maere

  • Dance Expression and Dance Therapy trainer


* Villa de Maere offers loving residential care to people with dementia



Would you like to get to know me a little better or are you curious about how I spend my daily life?


Via the Instastories and in my feed I share things about my working and private life. Prepare yourself for inspiring quotes, books, dance, massage, movie tips, pictures of jummy foods and much more!

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