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Massage 60 min.


- back

- neck and head

- shoulders

- arms

- hands 

- face

- legs

- feet



Massage 90 min.


- back

- neck and head

- shoulders

- arms (back, - and front)

- hands (back, - and front)

- face

- belly

- legs (back, - and front)

- feet

During this massage I do not follow a fixed schedule, but let myself be guided by your wishes, my own creativity and intuition.


○ During the intake you have the option to let me know if there are any specific complaints/wishes. it is recommended not to come to the massage with a full stomach.


○ Using a scented oil and soothing music, the muscles throughout the body are massaged. Slow, rhythmic and meditative. You can indicate before and during the massage which pressure (soft / firm, etc.) is desired.

A facial massage, herbal tea and fruit is inlcuded in the wellness massage.


There are several ways that tension can manifest in our body. Tension can have various causes;

  • Incorrect work posture

  • (Work) stress

  • Little sleep / rest

  • Incorrect diet / lifestyle

Besides massage, I also work as an Epigenetic therapist and give Reiki treatments. You can also contact me for questions about lifestyle, nutrition and / or supplement use or book a Moment For You Package, where I combine a Massage, Reiki, Healthy lunch and food advice.


Click here for more information about the different types of massages, prices and duration.

Or schedule a treatment here.


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