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Natural healing touch! A relaxing and rejuvenating massage that released unnecessarily accumulated tension from my body and calmed my mind.  Jess has that inborn talent of caring about people that makes her presence an invitation to unwind. And, obviously, her study and practice of massage skills have honed this talent into a naturally healing touch.

- Vikas

"I had a wonderful massage to relax.

After the massage I had a completely relaxed feeling.

The atmosphere created by Jessica with music and calm instructions was also very nice.

Very professional and relaxed. ”- Rahelle

"Hands of Gold" - Parviz

"I experienced the space as pleasant. Also nice that you went to make tea while undressing and gave me some privacy. The music was quiet, which I like, and it was warm enough.


I thought it was nice that you took the time before to briefly tell what you were going to do. I found the hand massage surprisingly nice, I had never had it before. It really gives relaxation. As well as the head massage.

I liked the alternation between putting more and less pressure during the massage. You took your time and you are a peacefull person yourself. "- Barbara

"I found the space very pleasant, pleasant temperature, nice light, nice atmosphere.

I felt comfortable. You are easy going. The table was good. It felt pleasantly warm. Feedback was fine, certainly shouldn't have been more.

I felt really relaxed, as I said I am sensitive to tickling, but I had no problems with this at all. The massage could have lasted indefinitely :)

I found it very pleasant, very relaxing.
Definitely come back! ”-Keleigh

Image by Simon Wilkes

“This massage allowed me to put my thoughts / worries aside for a while. And that is often difficult to do yourself, let alone that someone else succeeds.

Jessica has created an atmosphere where scent, lighting, sound and temperature form a perfect combination.

Massaging muscles slowly, a soft and not too greasy oil provides a pressure that allows me to relax quickly.

Excellent techniques, experience, material and communication is what Jessica has to offer for a perfect massage. ”

- F. Gutierrezardts

With the massage I get into a meditative state, it gives a deeply relaxing feeling so that I sleep very well in the evening.


I especially love the head massage. Jessica knows how to create a pleasant atmosphere through the use of light, music and scent. She is calm and makes me feel at ease. The tea afterwards is always a nice ending to the massage. - Morteza

The moments for me package was exactly what I needed. Not only was the massage extremely relaxing, Jessica provided great information for my personal wellbeing and served up a wonderful lunch at the end of the session.

Thank you again for a wonderful Saturday morning

 - Tiffany

I would love for you to leave a review here if you had a massage or Reiki treatment with me.

Thank you.

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