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Flow & Empowerment dance invites you to listen to your body and to (re) discover the natural flow and expression

In a flow & empowerment dance workshop, we give full attention to our body by forming a dance together - without choreoing . Each workshop is filled with different types of music and linked to a theme. You learn to listen to the music and to translate your feelings into movement. During this dance we look at our body in different ways.


What can our body actually do? The head, arms, hands, legs, back, ankles and so on. We let everything move and we will discover what your body can and likes.


What thoughts are released when you start moving? Do you find it difficult to let go? What thoughts do you have about your own body? Do you compare yourself quickly with others? During the dance you are aware of thoughts, but you also learn to let them go.


How do you feel when you dance? We deal with different kinds of emotions every day and you can feel and let them all go on the dance floor. Some examples of emotions that can be released:

  • Love.

  • Joy.

  • Surprise / Amazement.

  • Fear.

  • Anger.

  • Grief.

  • Uncertainty.

  • Shame.

The flow & empowerment dance invites you to listen to your body and to (re) discover the natural flow and expression. Relaxation, fun, connection and zest for life are central during the dance.

The workshop gives you:

  • More self-confidence and zest for life;

  • Fun;

  • Connection with others;

  • Consciousness (what can you do, what do you think, what can you let go or take with you);

  • Letting go and discharge (everything can get out!);

  • A feeling of freedom (you don't have to take anyone into account except yourself);

  • A moment for yourself (self love, attention to yourself)

Click here for our dance workshops agenda.

Image by Ahmad Odeh
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