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Femininity, sexyness

and a touch of humor

Can you fully embrace your body? All the curves, lines, wrinkles ... and everything else we judge?

Burlesque came my way a year and a half ago. Many know it as the art of seduction, others I speak to immediately think of a striptease act.

The burlesque - as it used to be written - originated in Italy in the sixteenth century. The word is derived from the Italian word burla (joke).

I've put my own twist on the burlesque dance so that I can share my own creativity, experience and craziness with other women.

Classic Burlesque Ingredients;

♡ Costumes

♡ Theater, drama

♡ Tease, surprises, energy

♡ Musicality

♡ Powerful, confident, fiery

♡ Sexy and funny moves

♡ Get audience involved, fun and excitement

♡ Self love

Burlesque is a dance where you can go crazy, learn to feel sexy and learn fun techniques to undress in a beautiful and graceful way. Burlesque has many different styles and techniques, something for everyone and for all ages. In essence, it is about doing what you feel comfortable with in this dance.

Check the agenda for our burlesque workshops.

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