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Massage in Enschede voor ontspanning en stress verlichting. Etherische oliën en kom weer uit je hoofd en in je lijf.

During a massage I will introduce you to the power of essential oils, medicinal herbs, soothing music and

the healing power of touch .



A massage gives you peace of mind and produces hormones that give you a 'happy' feeling. Your body needs to be touched so it gets nourished from the in- and outside. A massage also ensures a healthy skin, good blood circulation and helps with detoxification of the body.



I also work in nursing homes where I give small relaxing massages, such as hand, foot or face massages.

You are welcome in Hengelo.


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Massages in Hengelo en Enschede. Bij Ruimte voor Balans kom je voor totale ontspanning.
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